My Be The Drop podcast guest this week is Andrew Morello, winner of the very first series of The Apprentice Australia and now Head of Business at Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management.

One thing I learnt while sitting in the head office of Yellow Brick Road was there was someone else out there who has a passion for talking as much as I do! Andrew is a larger that life character who uses all his strengths to engage and connect with people in the most meaningful way he can. Here are his tips for you to do the same.


Be real on the biggest scale you can find.

Whether your big platform is a dinner table with your family, or an auditorium full of 10,000 people – get real comfortable with yourself and your truth – then speak it. Vulnerability, honesty and integrity go further in delivering a punchy message than the words alone. Andrew has actively sought out the biggest platforms he can to share his story and help other young entrepreneurs be the best they can be.

Know who you are.

Andrew provides incredible insights on the importance of working on your core vision, mission and values “all decisions and inspiration for action must be built from this founadtion. Then you need to regularly revisit these in order to ensure you reach a common goal.”

Say Yes.

Andrew opens up in this episode and discusses his journey as a simple country boy from Moonee Ponds and the ‘sliding door moment’ of participating in The Apprentice that has seen him become a successful entrepreneur in Sydney.  From what seemed to be an inconvinence to him, soon turned into an absolutely life altering chapter in his life. Saying yes, when there is really no good reason to say no can change you as a person, can change the course of your life and can allow you to reach, communicate and inspire more and more people.

Be respectful

Passing on his father’s advice to listeners, Andrew advises “be careful how you treat people on the way up because you never know who you’ll need on the way down.” Touching on some of the work Andrew does speaking to large groups of people (see ‘Be Real on the biggest scale you can find” above) he doesn’t charge for speaking with schools and groups of kids. He see’s this as some of his most powerful work, inspiring and opening the eyes of todays youth. It’s this ‘doing good’ in the community, that see’s Andrew’s professional respect and adoration skyrocket even further.

This Andrew Morello interview is filled with heaps of frank and useful advice, have a listen and find out for yourself: 

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About Andrew.

Winner of Australia’s first season of ‘The Apprentice’ in 2009, the then 23 year old Andrew Morello, received a one-year employment contract worth $200,000 managing Mark Bouris’ newest business venture, Yellow Brick Road. Since early on, Morello has been a natural born leader and talker. Growing up with family business in his veins, Andrew ventured into the world of entrepreneurship as a teenager. Real estate was always a passion for him and after obtaining his license, Andrew achieved outstanding results in the industry.  Andrew gives one hundred and fifty percent to anything that he does, which is why he was chosen amongst other worthy candidates to be the apprentice to businessman Mark Bouris. A loyal team player and exemplary project manager, Andrew may not have won all his teams tasks, but won over his future boss’s expectations by showing his people person skills and blazing ambition.




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