Amelia Veale

Superpower: Verbal Storytelling

Amelia VealeHowdy! I’m Amelia, Chief Storyteller and Director of Narrative Marketing. I spend most of my time developing strategic marketing solutions for clients, and investigating storytelling in the digital world with my Be The Drop podcast guests.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved telling and hearing stories. Nowadays, I have a passion for improving connection and engagement for brands and their customers, through the power of story.

My career in communications spans nearly two decades, and includes working for local and state government, the not-for-profit sector, plus small to medium and large business.

I’m also an event MC and speaker. My unique life experience, from living and working in some of Australia’s most remote communities, to speaking alongside Premier politicians and dignitaries, means I have many stories to tell! 

At the heart of what I do professionally and my personal communication style, is an ability to translate complicated and technical jargon into everyday relatable language. It’s one reason why my presentations enjoy such high engagement levels and it’s why Narrative Marketing is a jargon free zone

“It’s my internal truth. I have to be involved in communication. It’s the thing I can’t not do.”

You can find out more about my experience and connect with me on my LinkedIn page.