We’ve told a few people about it so far and the feedback has been immense: Business owners are SUPER keen to join our 2018 program for setting and achieving their business goals.

And why wouldn’t they be? A new year is a chance to evaluate what’s in the past and extrapolate any learnings for the future. It’s the ideal time to set yourself clear business goals and focus your energies on achieving them.

In our FREE 2018 Goal Setting for Business program, we will cover:

✔️ Goal Setting To Maximise Your Efforts
Finance Management For SME’s
Marketing Strategy
How To Build Your Business
Practical PR
Content Strategy

In this blog post, I’ll explain a bit about the business goal setting program and let you know how you can access all those great resources for free…

Smash Your 2018 Business Goals. Join Our Free Program Now!


Business Goals Program: Content Outline & Schedule

Ok, so here’s how it’s going to work.

The goal setting program will run over six weeks, commencing 8th Januarywith a new topic each week.  The program includes a weekly challenge, with resources and content supplied that week to help you complete it.

The program will be delivered online through our private Facebook Group for Brand Storytelling Superheroes. Think of this group as our classroom. This is where the challenges will be set and the resources supplied. It’s also how you can ask questions to the experts and network with other business professionals.

Click HERE to join the Facebook Group. You can’t participate in the program unless you do!

A few words of advice: The key to getting the most out of this program is in “the doing”. In other words, consider the resources and advice supplied as a starting point; the real benefit comes when you apply those tools to your own business. Do the challenges. That’s how you’re going to see results.

Week 1

Jan 8-14 ➡️ Goal Setting To Maximise Your Efforts with Matthew Michalewicz
Goal setting strategies from his popular book Life in Half a Second. Gain clarity to underpin success, know what you’re working towards and set achievable steps in place to make it happen.

Week 2

Jan 15-21 ➡️ Finance Management for SME’s
Overwhelmed by budgets, profit & loss and the nuances of financial reporting? Get practical tips to help you set realistic financial goals, track them and achieve greater financial control.

Week 3

Jan 22-28 ➡️ Marketing Strategy with Amelia Veale
Make the most of your communications. I’ll cover the basics of evaluating your current efforts and super-charging them with marketing strategy best practice.

Week 4

Jan 29-Feb 4 ➡️ Building Business with Kylie Bishop
This week covers SME business management; the importance of regular strategy setting AND ensuring that all staff are included. Kylie shares her 90 day strategy review cycle and we discuss some common business building challenges.

Week 5

Feb 5-11 ➡️ Practical PR with Rebecca O’Rourke
Is a business goal for 2018 to get more publicity and/or awareness? Are the traditional avenues for PR unaffordable? Bec talks about some of the key PR tricks to get your story heard.

Week 6

Feb 12-18 ➡️ Content Planning with Amelia Veale
If you’ve got a plan, the “doing” is easy because the thinking has already been done. Plan your next 6 months of content now. I’ll help you take the headache out of populating your blog or social media by showing you the tricks we marketers use to get ahead.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, when you join our private Facebook Group you’ll get unlimited free access to:
✔️ a connected business support network;
✔️ Q&A with business and marketing experts;
✔️ valuable program resources to help you achieve your goals;
✔️ discounted marketing and communication services.

Passion led us here, but hard work and determination will propel us forward!

This Program Will Help You To Achieve Your 2018 Business Goals

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