Once upon a time, there was a hardworking small business operated by some talented individuals. But nobody really understood who they were or why their business was great.

Then along came our Storytelling To Inspire Your Tribe + Fuel Your Business program, which the small business owner joined because it was free! And in fact, they got a lot out of it. Over the course of six weeks, they learned why storytelling was powerful in business, how it could impact sales, how to relate to their audience and everything they needed to develop awesome About Us page content! They also got the support of a made of their peers.

In this blog post, I recap what the program covered; and I let you know how you can take part in the next one to gain access to all the exclusive program resources…

Week 1: Storytelling to inspire your tribe

Storytelling may be an unfamiliar concept to lots of people in business. So to kick off the program, participants learned why storytelling is so important to me and how I discovered its power in outback Australia. In my Facebook Live broadcast, I looked at how stories are used to teach concepts to young children; storytelling is an effective method to deliver information in a way that’s memorable and easily understood.

“Stories are the most powerful tool any of us has in cultivating connections and real success.”

Week 2: Storytelling to fuel your business

This week was about introducing storytelling as a powerful professional tool and demonstrating its effectiveness in business. We looked at brands – some big, some South Australia based – that use storytelling in their marketing to great effect. Here’s that blog post again: Examples of Brands Winning at Marketing with Storytelling. In the Facebook Live broadcast, I discussed with long-term businessman Phil Scardigno how the sharing of personal stories builds connections and business relationships that convert.

Week 3: Discovering your WHY

In this week, we focussed on the heart of your business story – your WHY. Why do you do what you do? What’s your purpose or your cause? Why does your organisation exist? This belief – your raison d’etre – is the root of your business story. In my Facebook Live, I chatted with successful business owner Luke Talbot-Male about his business WHY.

Special program resource: Worksheet to help you clarify your WHY. Register your interest for our next program to gain access to the exclusive program resources.

Week 4: Your customer’s story

As important as knowing your WHY is to your storytelling, so is understanding your audience. In fact, in any context, knowing your audience is the foundation of a good story. So this week was a deep dive into who they are and what’s their story. We shared our buyer persona worksheet to help participants nut this out.

Special program resource: Worksheet to help you weave your customer into your business story.

“Your business story and your customer’s story should intertwine like lovers.”

Week 5: Storytelling and sales

Sales are ultimately why we’re all here, so this was an important week. In my podcast episode, I broke down 3 key storytelling techniques to supercharge your sales process. And on the blog, we looked at how important a sales mindset is to telling your business story. In my Facebook Live, I explored in more detail how storytelling can remove the cringe factor from sales.

Special program resource: Worksheet to help you define and develop your sales mindset. Register your interest for our next program to gain access to the exclusive program resources.

“To deliver marketing stories that sell, you need to develop a business culture around a sales mindset.”

Week 6: How to write killer About Us page content

To finish off our free six week program, we set participants the challenge of writing a killer About Us page using a storytelling approach. On the blog, we provided a three step process to follow along with some examples of awesome About Us page content. Then in my final Facebook Live, I summarised the techniques and tips learned throughout the program for writing an epic About Us page and why that page is the most important on your website.

Special program resource: Our special reportage style list of self-interview questions.


We’d love for you to share your About Us pages, feedback and questions with us in the Brand Storytelling Superheroes Facebook Group or below in the comments. We’ll provide as much help as we can to supercharge your business stories.

The next Storytelling To Inspire Your Tribe + Fuel Your Business program will be taking place via email! All the program content will be delivered in nice little packages to your inbox. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for how to sign up – or register your interest by contacting us here.

And if you just don’t have the time or inclination to devote to your About Us page, we’re happy to do it for you. We can rewrite and optimise your website page content for a small fee per page. Click here or below to enquire.

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