Whether it be a service or a product, consumers look to the marketplace when we are in need of something or someone to help makes our lives that little bit easier. It has been seen time and time again that the businesses who are able to be most helpful to their customers, throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey, are the ones who are most successful. Abbie Allen has found herself a niche in the marketplace, where being helpful is taken to whole new level – Abbie and her business Lifestyle Elements, exist purely to help you achieve your goals, by taking your to-do list and getting it done for you. Upon realising she had a knack for helping other people, Abbie has turned her passion into a thriving business.Here are her tips for engaging and being helpful in business.


Work life balance is possible.

Lifestyle Elements began and still exists to help their clients juggle their busy lives. Between babies, boardrooms and daily chores – Abbie and her team take the grunt work out of your day to free you up for the things that set you alight. This idea that work-life balance is possible and something that you can actually acheive is made possible by the range of unique services provided by Lifestyle Elements. We think this is a great lesson for other business owners to consider – that it’s not the actual service that you are selling, but the opportunity and possibility that comes as a result of having the service in your life. Abbie is selling a lifestyle, and the power behind that is incredibly powerful. Think Apple. Think Jeep. Think Red Bull.

Sharing is caring – and helpful.

Abbie’s community spreads further than her direct clients. After starting her business nearly 13 years ago she was inundated with so many requests for help – people had seen what she was doing and wanted to do the same – however, had no idea where to start. So from what started out as answering emails to provide support and advice, turned into The Concierge Society – an industry-focused community where fellow concierges could share tips and tricks and support one another. What we love about this is that Abbie was able to take her skills and split them across two separate streams, based around helping others.

Write what’s real.

Along a similar vein to TheConcierge Society, Abbie took to blogging to help even more people. With a growing international following, blogging fast became a clear way for her to spread the message she needed to in a time efficient and effective way. Blogging in business, in general, is shooting through the roof with inbound marketing and SEO practices being fine tuned significantly.

Abbie’s goal was to share the story, what’s gone wrong, what’s worked and to always tell the truth. She makes herself available to support them and answer their questions as they arise and shares lots of details, experiences and also other people who might be able to help. It was the initial openness & conscious decision to share her business story which ignited the popularity of the blog.


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Thank you again for tuning in and listening to the BTD podcast, I can’t wait for this next instalment to bring you more inspiring people talking about how they are connecting with their community.

Amelia xx

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