There are all sorts of ways to achieve your business goals and get stuff done. (We’re exploring these in our ) But if I had to choose one piece of business advice that was a total game-changer for me, this would be it.

But first, let me tell you how I came by this advice.

As a small business owner, I used to feel really overwhelmed by the numerous tasks required to stay on top of my business administration and accounting. Maybe you can relate. After all, I’m a communications specialist, not an accountant!

At times, I felt completely bamboozled by those aspects of running Narrative Marketing. Then a friend of mine gave me the best business advice possible. And now I’m going to share it with you…

Top 2018 Business Advice

But first…

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Right, let’s dive into the rest of this blog post!

My top business advice

So, the one thing that was causing me untold grief with my business was the accounting and administration side of things. The solution that was introduced to me was to outsource.

So, what one thing causes you the most grief about your role or business?

Alternatively, what’s the thing that you never get time to do properly?


The temptation for all of us is to want to be good at everything – or at least, everything that falls under our remit. But we can’t be good at everything. And even if we were, we don’t have enough hands or hours in the day to give all of those tasks the attention they deserve.

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Magician, the charismatic Vinh Giang, gave this advice during his Be The Drop episode:

When we’re overwhelmed and not willing to spend to get experts to help us, that’s when we get into trouble.

Do you think this rings true for you? Do you feel like you’re a “Jack of all trades”, exhausted by trying to keep so many balls in the air? One of those balls is going to drop sooner or later. Maybe it already has.

So, outsource!

You can outsource all or just part of a role or responsibility, on an ongoing or project by project basis. In marketing for example, you can outsource all of your digital communications on monthly retainer, or video production just when you need it. (By the way, we offer both to our clients!) Whether you use a freelancer, a consultant, a firm or agency will depend on your budget and requirements.

If you missed last week’s blog post about the importance of goal setting, HERE IT IS. Maybe you need to make outsourcing one of yours for 2018…





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