The Words

The art of storytelling has been humankind’s single, most powerful communication tool for thousands of years.  We have used it to pass down traditions, teach timeless truths and forge connections across generations and at global scales.  In recent times, businesses have come to realise that storytelling is incredibly effective in helping to grow business profiles, widen consumer bases and lift overall brand appeal.

Narrative Marketing helps businesses to employ storytelling techniques that strike a chord with their current and potential customers in order to cultivate personal and memorable connections.  This is a cost-effective way to generate cut-through for your brand in a sea of competition, clutter and big advertising budgets.

Stand out

Stories have the ability to be very powerful as they cultivate meaningful, over-arching connections with consumers and help your brand to stand out against competitive clutter.  Narratives are often poorly conveyed or altogether unconsidered by businesses today and yet could be your most valuable point of difference.

A good narrative is unique to your brand and cohesively demonstrates your business purpose, perspective and personality. Successful communication of your business story enables customers to understand who you are; helping to determine why you matter to them.

Be memorable

To ensure that your business narrative is successful, the stories you tell need to be cohesive, clear and easy to follow. Narrative Marketing works with clients, helping to craft unique stories that flow, have continuity and that are genuinely relevant to your audience.  Customer engagement levels are much stronger when businesses engage in authentic exchanges with their audience, at opportune times.

Good storytelling is also facilitated by knowing your audience and adapting your communication style to speak to them successfully. Narrative Marketing focuses on achieving a comprehensive understanding of the potential customer’s needs, action drivers and passions. The stories that we develop are best received by the audiences that they are tailored to.  This style of communication creates emotional connection with customers which has a direct influence on purchase decisions by making your product or brand most memorable.