The Visuals

Show Me, Don’t Sell Me

Powerful visuals evoke emotion, which drives deeper engagement and prompts changes in behaviour. But what makes an image or video so powerful that it generates the level of engagement and emotional reaction in a consumer that translates to success?

Of course the craft of the image matters; composition, lighting, style – the list goes on.  But there are other, often unconsidered factors that Narrative Marketing can help you with.

Visual Narratives

Visual storytelling helps is a universal communication tool. For example, the word “smile” is different in all languages, but a single picture of a person smiling can be understood by someone from any part of the world; from infants to the elderly.

Content marketing is vastly more effective when images and video are added.  Brands that successfully use visual content achieve stronger engagement with their customers.

Images help us tell our stories quickly with impact and emotion. And when the visual is powerful and well-executed (be it an image or video), the emotional effect can be quite strong.

Visuals in Social Media

Once you have established your narrative and identified the deepest motivations held by your consumers we can help you weave supporting visuals into your social media marketing/storytelling efforts for extra impact. Having an overarching purpose provides a sense of focus for your content strategy.

  • Use authentic visuals.  Whilst it’s fun to scour Getty images for something that could work for you, let us create bespoke material, completely tailored, which evokes the correct tone and style for your business.
  • Use images that are culturally relevant to your audience.  Did you know that many linguistically diverse cultures infer tone through the use of particular colours in advertising?  Or that the use of some visual elements could be perceived as offensive to other culturally diverse groups?
  • Use visuals that reflect the human experience.  Many of the highs and lows of life are universal; connect with your audience by tapping into the emotion of these shared experiences.

Narrative Marketing can help you with these tips and more.