The Audience

Your audience should always come first.  Before developing marketing messages, businesses must understand everything about their audience; where they focus their attention, how to motivate their purchase decisions and what will stimulate brand love and ongoing loyalty?

In the first instance, Narrative Marketing will work with you to determine the ideal audience for your brand’s success.  This is a crucial element which needs to be cemented early in order to construct a strong narrative that will best connect with them.

Tailored Content

Stories are then conveyed using words and visuals that are tailored to suit your audience.  Once we have all of that just right, we use the most effective, impact-generating touch-points to engage with your audience in the right place and at the right time.

Narrative Marketing can help you determine:

  • Who your online audience is,
  • Which platform/s suit your stories best,
  • How you can use multiple online platforms to tell a more complete and nuanced story,
  • How you can tailor your storytelling across various media.

The consideration of your consumers should be at the heart of everything you do as a business.  Every time a consumer interacts with your brand you are given an opportunity to make them your biggest fan and advocate.  Let Narrative Marketing help you win their favour.