Driving results by shaping tailored content solutions, that interest your audience.

Hassle Free Marketing

Marketing need never be over complicated and intimidating again. We take the complex and make it manageable, ensuring that the result for you means better business outcomes and better value for your marketing spend.

1 Who

2 What

3 Where

Really get to know your audience. Thinking, feeling and making decisions like your ideal customer helps you get the results you want. Create content that connects by crafting the words and visual to tell your own unique story,  in a way that has real impact and meaning for your audience. Strategic implementation and content schedule strategies, ensure you tell your messages to the right audience, in the right place at the right time.

To Get Started – Digital Marketing Audit

With the wide number of online communication platforms available it is very common for business operators to become overwhelmed!  Many businesses do not know where to start when trying to analyse the success of their content marketing or how to gauge the success of their customer communication.

Through a Digital Marketing Audit, we inspect a business’s collective digital content and comparing it to known best practices and market competitors. The audit provides:

  • Report, highlighting key problem areas and opportunities for improvement
  • Audit of your sites from a conversion to sales perspective
  • Strategic framework for successful on-going digital content management

The time requirement for participating business’ includes a pre-review questionnaire (approximately 20 minutes for operator to complete) plus a two hour, face-to-face session in which we talk through your digital content and messaging.

You will then receive a comprehensive report, complete with a list of actionable improvements, within one week of the face-to-face session. By completing a Digital Marketing Audit, business’ are armed to make informed decision about their content marketing, improving results and driving better business decisions.

Incredible value with a fixed cost of $750.

On-going Support

Narrative Marketing will work with you as much or as little is required to ensure the effectiveness of your on-going digital marketing needs. We can provide a range of written guides that can empower you to self manage your content marketing or we can provide fully managed content solutions. We would be delighted to talk to you about the options available and work with you on any of the key areas – who, what, where – to ensure you get amazing results.

Find Out More

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