We Are Podcast 2017: Chatting With John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs On Fire

LIVE! At We Are Podcast 2017 – Convince, Convert & Automate

This week’s episode was recorded live from We Are Podcast 2017, in Brisbane. This annual event is in its third year and the line up is AMAZING!

Included in the incredible smorgasbord of speakers, is the sensational duo, John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson from Entrepreneurs on Fire, the podcast which ignited my passion for podcasting!! So off course, I made it my mission to speak with them to get some value bombs from them, to share with you!

There is a host of other incredible guests and I managed to interview four of them to share some of their top insights with you. In this episode, you’ll hear from Sean D’Souza host of The 3 month vacation, Nicole Baldinu from $100 MBA, Jordan Harbinger from the wildly popular podcast, The Art of Charm as well as Kate Erickson from Entrepreneur on Fire.

In today’s episode of  Be The Drop, my guests cover the importance of providing skills not information to your clients, we look at why podcasting attracts such inclusive communities, and I share my top hints and tips from the conference.

This is Be The Drop, live from We Are Podcast 2017

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Amelia Veale

Amelia Veale

Amelia is the Chief Storyteller at Narrative Marketing. She has a passion for improving brand connection for brands and their customers, through story.