Jojo Furnival

Superpower: Written Storytelling

Jojo FurnivalHi, I’m Jojo Furnival, Chief Wordsmith, so I’m the one behind the keys, creating blog posts and other written content for Narrative Marketing and Be The Drop. I like Australian red wine, Earl Grey tea, and hardcore drum n bass.

I’ve always loved writing. Books, blog posts, poetry, or essays; it didn’t matter to me as long as I was writing.

At the start of my marcomms career, I managed client accounts at an international business communications consultancy in London; from social to trade media, blogging and interview features to brand storytelling and advertising, I did it all.

I was made a Huffington Post Contributor in 2014 and subsequently became Editor of an award-winning charity magazine. I’ve been lucky enough to interview some of the UK and Australia’s most loved personalities, from sports stars to musicians.

I believe wholeheartedly that creative and impactful brand storytelling is the best route to marketing success. If brands can make us feel, they can get our attention. But in this day and age, businesses can’t approach written content without considering SEO. So my content writing role at Narrative Marketing has become as much about searchability as it has readability; we optimise for both.