Chris Warman

Superpower: Visual Storytelling

Chris WarmanMy name is Chris, Chief Videographer, so I’m usually behind the camera, creating video and audio content for Narrative Marketing and the Be The Drop podcast. I like comedy, growing vegetables, and baking souffle.

My background is in freelance video production for businesses, events and artists. I’ve filmed over 50 weddings, 30 live performances and taken photos at more than 130 gigs, plus I’ve curated the Fleurieu Film Festival going on three years.

The moving image runs through my veins; my uncle is a renowned Australian TV and Film director and I grew up wanting to follow in his footsteps. My hobby grew into a vocation when I attended film school and got to be part of the large production team working on the film Red Dog, however my passion is for the smaller-scale documentary format.

What I love about being a videographer is that I can experience so many different things, whether it be through videoing events I’d never heard of before or filming somewhere I’ve never been. When I make a video, time melts away and a 14 hour job becomes a playground for me to test out new techniques.